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Saturday, 29 December 2012


Via Del CorsoLevel 5 Westfield
188 Pitt St

When you're seeking a mid morning snack in the city you could do a lot worse than Via Del Corso. It has quite an extensive range of food from cakes, pastries, macarons, gelato and coffee.

The hardest part is what to choose. The best thing to do is take a lap around the place first - its a big circle - and check out the options.

Its like a coffee shop and patisserie all in one - with an Italian theme to it.

We chose a couple of coffees and a doughnut to share. The coffee was nice - good flavours and hot without being overheated.

The doughnut was delicious. It was huge and tasty and disappeared quickly. We both loved it and agreed it was one of the best we have had.

Via Del Corso is a great place for a snack while drifting around the CBD.

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