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Friday, 14 December 2012


The Howff
365 Union St
Aberdeen, Scotland

This place is a little tucked away but it has great charm and is worth finding.

If you venture down their stairway off Union Street you will be rewarded by a warm room with pleasant atmosphere, decent drinks and solid food.

Mlady had the bangers and mash with gravy. It sounded simple and hearty and it was. The sausages were well prepared, the mash creamy and smooth and the gravy had good flavours. She really enjoyed it.

Sir had the crumbed shrimp with salad and chips. It was a good sized serving - plenty of shrimp and not over cooked like many are. The salad was pleasant and the chips were nice and crisp. 

The Howff is a decent place. We went there for a quick meal and we left full and satisfied. I'd go back there again.

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