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Thursday, 20 December 2012


Cnr Pitt and Liverpool Streets
Sydney CBD

I've been wanting to drop in here for ages and finally had the chance with D joining me - probably just to shut me up! It worked.

We sat at the counter watching the conveyor belt drift past with plenty of delicacies on board. The food here is so fresh. If you are at the counter you can watch the chefs preparing it right in front of you. Its like having a meal and a show!

Its quite an art preparing these treats. The sharp knives move quickly and deftly to slice and dice fish, prawns and other meats along with dangerously crisp and fresh vegetables.
 Some of the rolls are traditional - with the seaweed on the outside. Others have the seaweed inside or as a binding.

As the belt goes by you just cant help grabbing more. And to top it all off you can also order from a menu as well and its made freshly for you straight away. We ordered some tempura veggies this way.

Its fast, fresh and delicious here and reasonable value as well.

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