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Friday, 14 December 2012


Gelateria De Luca
107 St James St
Brighton UK

There aren't hundreds of gelateria's in Brighton - but there are still a few shops selling gelato and ice creams.

Gelateria De Luca is perched on a corner fairly close to the restaurant strip in the area so its not surprising that it gets a bit of traffic from people after they've eaten nearby. That was how we ended up there.

Service was fast and friendly and they have a decent range of flavours - possibly not as many as some larger places but still quite adequate.

Mlady had a violet gelato and Sir had chocolate. The quantities were pretty decent and the flavours were great.

The gelato - like most good ones - melted fairly quickly so it needed to be eaten asap. We did our best to oblige here!

Gelateria De Luca isn't located near the touristy areas so it probably misses a bit of business as a result. It is open late though and serves good gelato at reasonable prices.

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