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Thursday, 6 December 2012


Cafe Nero
160 Union St

In an area where there's a shortage of coffee shops we eventually found Cafe Nero. Of course it's part of a chain, but it was getting quite good business. Possibly this was through a lack of local competition, possibly though it was for other reasons.

Its a fairly standard set out inside. Nothing different to the rest of the chain. Nevertheless it was clean and pleasant.

The service was fast and friendly as well.

We simply had coffee's each here so it's a bit hard to comment on the entirety of their offerings.

The coffee arrived quickly. It was hot and had nice flavours and aroma. The biscuit that came with it was nice as well.

The is nothing bad about Cafe Nero. It provides decent food and coffee to people in the heart of Aberdeen (well not quite the heart but close by).

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