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Saturday, 8 December 2012


Bambini Trust Wine Room
St James Trust Building
185 Elizabeth St
Sydney CBD

Sir was out and about the the marketing guru and we decided to grab a quick meal here before heading off to our next commitment - without a booking. We were very lucky to get a table as this is a popular place.

The photo's are terrible as the lighting was subdued and we didn't want to disturb the diners around us, but it was a quality meal in every way.

Bambini has lovely decor. Its gone for sophisticated elegance and it has achieved this without being stuffy.

A nice touch was a small cup of cauliflower soup for everyone there, as well as bread, on arrival.

The soup came in a shot glass and it tasted great. Lovely flavours and elegant presentation combined well here.

It had a light layer of froth on top and a few chives to add to the taste and appearance.

The marketing guru had a steak and i had pasta with prawns, olive oil, chili and chives. I love this combination and I've had it at quite a number of places.

Gamberi (prawns) are always a winner with pasta, but with just olive oil and few extras it allows you to savour the flavours so well without strong sauces overpowering everything.

Bambini Trust Wine Room is a classy place. Its popular so make sure you book. For a special occasion it wont fail to impress so settle in for a good night.

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