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Thursday, 6 December 2012


Auld Jock's Pie Shoppe118 West Bow
Old Town

Sir was feeling peckish - no Sir-prises there - and we spied Auld Jocks Pie Shoppe across the square. Who doesn't like a pie?

So we wandered over and sat inside by the window. Its always nice having a bite to eat while you watch the world go by.

Its a small shop but seems popular. It is cosy and has a pleasant decor. You order at the front counter and they bring your food to you when its ready.
I simply ordered a pie. I was then asked if I wanted beans and mash with it. Why not I thought.

On arrival I was a bit Sir-prised that the beans were baked beans - somehow I had thought they'd be green beans.

Nevertheless, the whole meal was extremely good. Mlady stole some mash and pronounced it as some of the best she's ever had - and she's a bit of an expert in this department.

All in all the pie was great, the mash exceptional, the beans were - beans - but nice and hot and quite tasty combined with the rest.

Auld Jocks Pie Shoppe is a pleasant and popular place for a decent meal at decent prices.

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