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Saturday, 29 September 2012


Little Cupcakes
Goldsborough Lane
Melbourne, VIC 3000  

This is an awesome little place with awesome little cupcakes. There's certainly a good variety here and plenty of interesting flavours, styles and decorations. The name draws you to the shop and the variety of cakes inside draws you in. Its quite a quaint pretty little shop with a few seats to enjoy your treats - and you will buy some - guaranteed.

The carrot cake with cream cheese icing was a mini tower of goodness - or not so good goodness - but impressive still. It tasted as good as it looked too.

The chocolate cake with chocolate icing seems so much less indulgent when its a small one. I was almost tempted to get two - almost. If I hadn't been eating all day I probably would have.

A lovely pair of little cupcakes! Its hard not to buy something here - and because they are all small you tend to convince yourself that you can buy more.
Anyone fancy an Elmo Monster? They were very tempting but didn't quite get the nod.

Little Cupcakes is another one of those hidden treats down Melbourne's CBD laneways. If you see it you'll go in. If you go in you'll buy something. If you buy something you wont be disappointed.

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