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Thursday, 12 July 2012


Roule Galette241 Flinders Lane (Scott Aly)
Melbourne CBD

Come on - who doesn't like a crepe. This place is so small it could fit inside a small place with room to spare. It's a bit hidden too. It does serve great crepes though. On a cold night I was there earlyish so it wasn't busy yet and I was able to grab a table outside.
I couldn't resist the Crepe Suzette with Grand Marnier flambe. It was pretty quickly delivered to my table - only a few minutes after ordering and steamingly fresh. My resident chef them poured and lit the Grand Marnier - kindly waiting till my camera was ready for my photo opportunity. The hot sauce blended well with the crepe under it. It was a good sized crepe too and there was plenty of Grand Marnier. Couldn't fault any of it and loved it all.
Roule Galette is another of those hidden gems. I loved it and I'll be back. Crepes start from a few dollars - mine was only $10.00 - a bargain.

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