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Saturday, 9 June 2012


Sweet Infinity
Ground Floor The Strand Arcade
Sydney CBD

This place is eye catching as you walk through the Strand Arcade. Its an array of sweet delicacies well displayed in the front window - with plenty of people taking photo's. I know its had some bad reviews but to be honest the service we got was fine and the quality of the macarons was decent.
Our attention was caught by the mini macarons in the window - not because we love mini anything but because we weren't starving. They cost $5.50 for three or $10.00 for six - so they aren't cheap for macarons. We ordered three - a salted caramel, a peppermint and Belgian dark chocolate and a green tea latte. M'lady liked the green tea one, the chocolate one was certainly very chocolatey and the salted caramel one was probably to salty and not enough caramel.
All in all the macarons were fine. Not the best we'd ever had (try La Belle Miette in Melbourne for that) but they were fine.

From other reports people have had mixed experiences at this place. On this occasion our experience was fine.

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