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Saturday, 9 June 2012


Level 2 The Strand Arcade
Sydney CBD

Pendolino is a restaurant and a cafe situated upstairs in the Strand Arcade. Its a quaint place with old world charm and old world quality service too. We were passing by and dropped in for a coffee this time - but it's on our hit list for an Italian meal some time too.
We were quickly seated and our order promptly taken including being asked what type of water we wanted. The coffee arrived pretty quickly and it was delicious. We both had an "ahh" moment which is a good sign. Both coffee's had plenty of flavour and a lovely taste.

If you're shopping in the CBD its worth remembering its here. If you're looking for a good Italian meal its also worth remembering. Pendolino also sell a variety of olive oils too. As a bonus you get to look out at the charming Strand Arcade - its an amazing building with so many lovely features and so much history.


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