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Saturday, 5 May 2012


130 Roscoe St

This is the place to go for genuine Italian gelato. However they serve a much wider range of edibles and drinkables (is this a word) than simply gelato.

The gelato can actually be bought from their servery on the corner. If the window is closed don't panic - they'll open it pretty soon once they see you.
After eating a huge meal next door it was only Sir partaking of their delicacies this time. The really good stuff was at the left hand end with the more fruit based items at the right hand end as you face the servery. The choice in the end was caramel and cream and chocolate. Both tasted great. The flavours were intense and there was a real richness to the gelato. At $7.50 for two flavours in a cup it wasn't cheap - but it was excellent gelato!

The service at Pompei's is also excellent. We were allowed to try a few flavours first before choosing. The containers that hold the gelato are also very interesting. The gelato is very deep down and the cavities are covered by lovely chrome tops giving the place a rather futuristic appearance.

Pompei's is a great place for a really high quality gelato. Cant wait to sample their other foods.
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