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Sunday, 27 May 2012


Cafe Essen
6 Garema Place
Canberra CBD

Tucked away in a laneway in the CBD of Canberra is a plethora of cafe's (sorry I always wanted to use the word plethora!). Cafe Essen is one of them and it has some interesting things for breakfast and lunch - as well as some decent coffee too.
It had to be a light breakfast after a big night so I reluctantly stuck to some raisin toast and coffee instead of the more exotic options on offer. It was a cold morning too but the heaters here make outside dining not only an option - but an attractive one. The order was taken promptly, the food arrived quickly and the decor was pleasant. Its hard to have bad raisin toast - and this serving was nice.
The coffee here is good too. It came first, ahead of my toast, as it should. They also brought a bottle of water and a glass too - without me having to ask for it. These little things do make a difference and people notice them!

I like the look of this place. It has a nice feel to it. Its small and personal. The service is good, the menu options seem good and I'll certainly try it again for something else.

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