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Sunday, 8 April 2012


Meet Fresh
13 Goulburn St
(corner Dixon St)

Its busy here - there's a crowd in the doorway and its a bit confusing working out where to order until the girl waves. This place is popular - lots of people like it so it must be good - and it is.

Its a tough decision working out what to have - they all look so different.
As we're not starving and the serving sizes are huge we choose the supreme mango milk crushed ice. The eat-in version looked amazing but the take-away version wasn't as impressive - understandably. It was a big serving and it was delicious. Plenty of crushed ice - with a butterscotch/caramel flavouring inside parts of it, lots of mango and a generous dollop of vanilla ice-cream. For only $8 its good value for a good dessert.
We'd go back there again just for the supreme mango milk crushed ice - but it would be nicer having it there. There are a few tables downstairs and even outside but plenty of seating upstairs too.

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