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Sunday, 29 April 2012


Hilltop Phoenix
Castle Towers
Castle Hill

This is a good reliable yum cha restaurant that always lives up to its reputation for good food. That's why it always has a big queue outside on the weekend and today was no exception. However the wait was short and we were soon seated and eating - starting with fried prawn dumplings.
Next up was a serving of prawn and garlic chive spring rolls., Again very tasty.
Prawn and snow pea dumplings then arrived - steaming and delicious.
The traditional prawn dumplings were next - how can you pass these up?
One of my favourites was (and usually is) the salt and pepper calamari. This was as good as I had hoped it would be. sadly I think I ate most of it.
 These dumplings are a favourite too - yum.
 Fried prawn and garlic chives dumplings were our next selection - gotta love those garlic chives.
Finally M'Lady's favourite - egg custard tarts. I think she could have eaten all three but she had to settle for two.
I grabbed a mango and cream pancake to end my meal - I cant resist these things (and must learn how to make them cause i think they might be pretty easy - I think!).

Hilltop Phoenix is a very good reliable yum cha restaurant that has never let us down.

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  1. how is the pricing compared other places?

  2. It cost us just under $70 for three of us - which wasn't cheap but the food was good and the service was quick so we weren't unhappy with this. You can get cheaper yum cha at other places but may lose quality.