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Thursday, 5 April 2012


Burmese Curry Place
106 City Walk

This place is great. Its small, plain, hard to find and yet really busy - there are queue's most lunch times.

There are about ten different food options and for lunch you can choose two. I chose number 3 - sweet pork, and number 7 - chicken and prawn. This came with rice. It was a good sized serving of both dishes.

The pork was extremely tender - and it was sweet as described. The chicken and prawn was very tasty too - with plenty of plump juicy prawns and soft tender chicken. This was a great combination.

The food at Burmese Curry Place is great. The serving sizes are great too. Its a winner on all levels. Take away is only $6.99 - or eat in is $7.99 (but its not the greatest location for this).

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