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Thursday, 8 March 2012


21 Genge St
Canberra City 2601

We all know how Specials Boards at restaurants are meant to work. They
broadcast a deal and all of a sudden passers by are lured inside, tempted by the food on offer, the price or a combination of both.

Well let me tell all you restaurateurs something - it works on me!

I was passing Taze and their board announced that gozleme's were only
$9.00 this day - and you had a choice of two varieties. Now $9.00 isn't a rock bottom price for a gozleme, but Taze is a decent restaurant so I went in. 

Usually they have a supply already made but today they had already run out so they made mine fresh - which was even better.


The picture is a bit deceptive - this was huge. It was nearly 30cm long and was packed with filling - spinach, egg and onion. The flavours combined really well, as expected because its a standard combination of filling. I've had plenty of gozleme and this was clearly one of the best ever. The filling was great but the actual wrapping was superb.

I've eaten a few meals at Taze - mostly dinners - and its always delivered a great experience. This was my first take-away experience and I'll certainly be back for more.

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