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Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Il Gusto Cuisine
Lygon St

We decided to go out for dessert and ended up at Il Gusto Italian Cuisine - in fact we were encouraged in by the charm of our gregarious host out the front.

The flambe creme brulee sounded appealing - particularly as it indicated this was to be done at our table. It was an attractive show and added some flair to the meal. At $10.50 it was fair value too for a good dessert.

Wanting a chocolate fix ensured that the chocolate gelato was ordered next. It was certainly a big serving and very chocolatey - which hit the mark. It cost

When having dessert its hard not to have a little sip of something with it. In this case we had Amaretto and Tia Maria for $8 each.

You've heard of wardrobe malfunctions but in this case we had a dessert ordering malfunction which resulted in us getting an extra dessert (and paying for it too - another $10.50). We could have sent it back and avoided the expense but it looked good and we were pigs (or she was - she'll kill me for this) so we ate it too (and I had some to be honest). It was also very nice.

Il Gusto is a decent place. Service was a bit slow but the food (or desserts) were nice - but not spectacular.

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