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Thursday, 8 March 2012


iiMa (in Mr B's)
corner Pitt & Goulburn Sts
Haymarket, Sydney

I love this place - but judging by the crowds so does everyone else. The food is cheap and amazing. Service is usually quick, but can occasionally slip. They have lunch specials that are all $12 for a meal and a glass of house wine/beer/soft drink. Considering a glass of wine is normally $6.50 it's pretty good!
The top picture is Gai Yang - char grilled chicken marinated in tumeric, galangal, lemongrass and garlic accompanied with nam jim jeaw. The chicken is crisp but juicy and the sauce has a real kick but you get to choose how much you use. Pad Thai is always a favourite - and this one is a winner. Light and crunchy with plenty of tangy noodles and crisp sprouts it melts in your mouth. The chicken is very tender and the fresh lemon sets it off perfectly.

This dish was a winner as well. Khao grapao gai kai dao - which is a spicy stir fry of ground chicken meat with holy basil, fresh chilli and green beans on rice with a fried egg. The egg is optional and an extra $2 if chosen.
Terriyaki Chicken - this was delicious. The chicken again melted - it was so tender. It was covered in a light mayo which didn't overpower it and rested on fresh lettuce and hot steaming rice. It looked as good as it tasted - and it looked amazing.

This place is almost as good as its nearby neighbour Chat Thai - and sometimes just as good or better! Its a favourite.

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