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Friday, 16 March 2012


Cornucopia Bakery
40 Mort St

Somewhat hidden away on a quiet part of Mort St is Cornucopia Bakery. It combines take away and eat in options and has an interesting range of delicacies.

As its a bakery of course they have pies - both normal and gourmet.

After initially being very tempted by the beef and beer pie I eventually chose the venison and juniper berry pie. It was delicious - full of big tender chunks of venison and a rich thick subtly tasty sauce.

Sadly its hard to avoid trying something sweet here - and there's plenty to choose from. This plum dome was tempting and won me over although the contents were still a bit of a mystery .
As it was, the filling was really good. It had a mix of sweet plum puree and custard that combined well.

Cornucopia Bakery is an interesting place with some unusual treats. Its well worth trying.

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  1. That's a plum dumpling and it has marzipan in it....