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Monday, 27 February 2012


Thanon Khao San
413 Pitt St
Haymarket Sydney
Phone: 9211 1194

Thanon Khao San is a quaint Thai restaurant in the Thai centre of Sydney - Haymarket.
Its a long thin place with pleasant decor and a very noticeable tuk tuk in the front entrance - you can't miss it.

This was a quick lunch excursion seeking some Thai take away and the
long list of lunch specials should provide an option for everyone. I
chose No. 7 - Kuitiew Kua Kai - described in the menu as stir fried
fresh rice noodles, chicken, egg + calamari. This was only $9.90 as
were most other lunch specials. It was extremely tasty with a good combination of flavours.

The Dessert Trolley

Was it good - yes. Do I want to go back there again - yes. This is a
competitive area for Thai food but Thanon Khao San is up there with
the best of the others.

Interesting Wall Display
Inside looking out

Inside looking out

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