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Thursday, 23 February 2012


International Cakes
185 Lonsdale St
Melbourne CBD

International Cakes is a landmark on Lonsdale Street - and with a front window like this its pretty obvious why.

Its like heaven for a chocoholic - almost impossible to walk past.

The emphasis here is on chocolate and calories - and quantity. Everything comes in huuuge serves.

As its in the Greek Quarter you get all the traditional Greek delicacies. These usually come in both there traditional form and chocolate coated.

Basically anything you get here also has a chocolate coated version.
Inside the shop its no different. There's a sea of chocolate. Take your time in choosing because what you do end up with is massive. The prices aren't cheap, but the quantity isn't small either.
In the end a florentine was one of our choices. This picture is deceptive - the florentine is on a full sized dinner plate here! It probably wasn't the most amazing florentine I'd ever had, but it was good and enormous. There was also plenty of chocolate - which is what you want if you go to International Cakes.
This marzipan log was also on a full sized dinner plate - so it was again massive.

International Cakes also serves coffee and other cakes. The coffee here is ok - and the cakes are reasonable. It's an interesting place to visit and you will leave with something - its impossible not to!

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