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Sunday, 5 February 2012

85 Degrees Bakery & Cafe - Chatswood

85 Degrees Bakery & Cafe
326 Victoria Avenue
Chatswood, NSW

Once you see the window here it instantly draws you closer - peering inside at the tasty treats. They look amazing. There's some basic seating outside on the footpath - which could perhaps be prettied up a bit - but its the desserts that get you here anyway.

Dark Chocolate Tart - Almond pastry pie with dark chocolate sauce on top. The pastry is quite thick and there's a substantial layer of almond with thick gooey chocolate on top. It disappeared quickly and met with a big thumbs up. Only $3.50 - bargain.
Lemon Tart - Almond pastry pie with lemon sauce on top. The pastry was again very thick and the lemon was more of a jelly rather than the usual lemon butter type - but it was very tasty. Only $3.50 - another bargain.

The front window of 85 Degrees

The view back in to the shop from the outside tables

Mango Bubble - in the front window

Strawberry Bubble - in the front window

Italian Chocolate Mousse - in the front window

Orel Chocolate - in the front window

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  1. ooh didnt know there was one in chatswood! will have to swing by!