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Monday, 29 September 2014


Coopers Handmade Pie Shop
139 Belmore St
Yarrawonga, Victoria

There's something about a good hand made pie that hits the spot. Some people say they're not pie eaters but even they must find it hard to resist as the smell of freshly baked pastry and a tasty filling hits the air.

Coopers has a great reputation. Sure, they are in Yarrawonga which is on the Murray River just on the Victorian side, but if you're passing through it's a perfect place to stop for a bite.
Alternatively, for the pie connoisseur they do deliver direct to your door for online orders!

We were passing through to Melbourne but had stopped for a couple of days. It's a lovely part of the world too and for the foodies there's plenty as well. The best part though is that they are only a short drive away from Rutherglen, the home of Australia's most renowned fortified wines. This was the main reason we were here, as a base to sip wines! Discovering the great pies here at Coopers were an added bonus!

We had a pie each. The first was, um, steak and egg perhaps or steak and cheese. Sadly we don't remember. The other we do remember - it was a minted lamb pie. Both were delicious - but the lamb was amazing. A piece of home made lemon tart with whipped cream capped it all of nicely.

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Saturday, 27 September 2014


Bowery Lane
1 O'Connell St
Sydney CBD

Bowery Lane has a a rustic New York loft feel to it with plenty of metal fittings, timber flooring, exposed ducting set in their blackened ceiling and cosy booths along the wall.

The place exudes charm, comfort and warmth throughout.

It's an interesting and expansive set up too - in three sections. There's the coffee shop part at street level, then the lunch time take away area at the side with some tables and chairs there as well and finally the separate but connected main restaurant.

Mlady wasn't available so I was joined by my good friend D who loves her food and eagerly volunteered. An added bonus was that the charming Kaz Derbas, co-owner of Bowery Lane, being there as well to show us around.

We were perusing the menu when a tasty looking plate passed by. We asked what it was and found out it was a side serving of sweet potato crisps.

They looked so good and we were asked if we'd like some. They didn't need to ask twice before we said yes. These were a great nibble - and well worth getting when you are at Bowery Lane. Just order them as soon as you get there and nibble while you order your meal.

Somehow we never miss ordering croquettes when they're on the menu. It's almost an addiction!

These Manchego croquettes came served with smoked chilli aioli.

They were great and it was pleasing to find it was a decent sized serving as well with five hearty and tasty croquettes on the plate resting on a pool of chilli aioli that was tangy but not overpowering.
Sliders are always a great nibble while having a drink (or two) or to have as a fairly substantial entree.

The version of slider available here was certainly a bit different though - filled with a really generous pile of very tasty lobster and crab.

These were lovely - the sweet delicate but tasty filling making you want more and more. 
On to the main courses and boy were they good!

We struggled to decide what to have but eventually agreed on the pork collar and scratching's which came served with apple, parsley and fennel salad and some lovely spiced pear chutney.

What can we say - wow! The meat simply fell apart - it was soooo tender and very tasty. This was a lovely dish and a decent size for sharing. 

Even though we had more than enough food with our other dishes we still decided to grab a few sides.

We had a very colourful radicchio salad scattered with sweetened nuts. The dish both looked and tasted good.

We also had the most amazing burnt carrots - served with sesame and tahini. These were great and a must order dish!

I love duck.

The duck ragu with pappadelle, chilli, pancetta and parsley didn't disappoint either!

It was a lovely dish with plenty of duck (they don't scrimp here) and full of flavour.

The chilli was a nice touch too giving the dish a bit of a lift and the pancetta blended nicely as well.

You have to save some space for dessert at Bowery Lane because they're well worth having!

We had their chocolate ice cream sandwiched between ginger bread served with poached pear and candied pecans - oh my this was good.

However the jar of cookies & cream with honeycomb, vanilla and dark chocolate was even better - looking brilliant and tasting just as good!
Co-Owner of Bowery Lane Kaz Derbas
Bowery Lane is new, funky and relaxed with a New York chic feel to it. The food is certainly very well done with variety, quality and quantities that will keep people coming back again and again. Service was helpful, friendly, efficient and memorable for all the right reasons. This is a great place!

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Bowery Lane. Special thanks to Kaz Derbas for arranging our visit and to co-owner Joanne for chatting with us.

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Donut King - Bronut
Kiosk 301
Westfield Hornsby

Donut King kindly sent us a couple of vouchers to try their new Bronuts - billed as a man sized donut!

Being a donut addict it was certainly music to my ears! There were three varieties available. There was the cherry ripe bronut - which we didn't try. We did however try both the crunchy bronut and the oreo bronut.

There is no doubt they are a big feed - two oversized donuts stuck together with icing and sometimes jam and also topped with other goodies.

If you're after a big sweet hit then a bronut will certainly do the job.

Perhaps it was because of the glazed top donut, but we both preferred the oreo bronut.

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Friday, 26 September 2014


Leaves and Fishes
737 Lovedale Rd
Lovedale, Hunter Valley NSW

This is a special place. It has an amazing Balinese feel with its outside covered seating at the back suspended over the water. The outlook is lovely and the food matches this.

To be completely honest we don't actually remember what the dishes were that we had - it was a special occasion and we were just savouring the moment. As a result most of this will just be pictures, but we will fill in a few descriptions where ever possible.

We were really impressed with Leaves and Fishes. It's a great place to sit back, relax and take in the views and the great food.

An amuse bouche of seared tuna with soba noodles and wasabi dressing and eschallots was our first taste - and it was lovely.

The fish, curry and rice was my main and amazing.

I think this is the description of the dish from the current menu there - szechuan salt-water Barramundi, chu chee curry and jasmine rice.

This dish had it all - and more. Great flavours, great taste combinations, nice textures, great presentation and plenty of food! It certainly ticked all the boxes.

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