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Sunday, 4 October 2015


KL Kitchen
38 Llankelly Place
Potts Point, Sydney

KL kitchen is one of the few Malaysian restaurants operating in the Potts Point/Darlinghurst area. It's situated on beautiful Lankelly Place, one of Sydney's newest food hubs, conveniently tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Potts Point/Kings Cross.

Tonight The Counts were dining with some dear friends, all so well-travelled, their experiences have taken them across every culinary spectrum, from street food to fine dining and everything in between all over the world. They are great company and we love having dinner with them.

KL Kitchen is fully licensed but also BYO wine, so you can bring a couple of your favourites if you can't find something on the wine list that you like, which by the way, is actually quite good. We ordered a lovely Tasmanian Pinot Noir off the wine list. We love Tasmanian Pinots and this one was very well priced.

The food menu is also good here. There is an array of choices for various Dim Sums, a long list of entrees, so many Mains and quite a few desserts as well.

We love to share dishes so we chose to start with a few steamed dumplings while we examined the menu. Not long after we ordered them, a beautiful steamer basket arrived loaded with some mouth watering dumplings.

Steamed Spinach with seafood, beef balls and Chicken Sui Mai had The Counts and their friends really satisfied with their first dish.

We also tried the BBQ pork buns because mainly we all love BBQ pork buns but also because we really love BBQ pork buns (we're not kidding). For us, the perfect BBQ pork bun, or Char Siu Baio as its traditionally called, is snowy white and cracked open at the top and these here ticked both boxes. The pork inside was slightly sweet and tender and was absolutely delicious.

Our next dish was an entree, the spiced lamb served with pancakes. This dish lives up to its name as it really is spicy, but full of flavour. We also loved the fact that the pancakes came separately so you could make your own pancake wrap- we found that quite unique. Our friend JF said it would be great to order a few different dishes with the pancakes and mix and match the all the fillings -what a great idea!

Now it was time for some mains and another thing we liked about the menu here is that everything can be done in Tapas style, which are smaller portions, so you can order quite a few dishes and try a bit of everything.The Sambal Belacan with eggplant and dried shrimp was in two words, simply outstanding. Sambal Belacan is the building block for any Malaysian food and the one here holds up to its reputation. The flavours of chilli, shrimp paste and lime juice brought out the flavour of the eggplant really well and had us coming back!

The beef Rendang, a regular dish for us at every Malaysian restaurant we visit, was cooked well and smothered in that spicy curry sauce we love so much.

It also became a perfect dipping agent for the  golden and flaky Roti that came with it. Our friend MS, who loves Roti, was particularly impressed with the one served here.

The salt and pepper squid was also delicious.

The succulent pieces of squid were well seasoned and crispy.

Our friend SL who's taste of salt and pepper squid has expanded over many continents, gave it a double thumps up.

So after a few of bottles of wine, including a lovely Pinot Grigio we brought ourselves,  it was time for some dessert and again in the spirit of sharing, we ordered a few so we could try different things.

Our first dessert, The deep fried ice cream was a heavenly ball of ice cream deep fried in a golden batter -  simply divine. The sago pudding was creamy and the sago was well cooked giving it that pearly texture which makes it so flavoursome.

However, despite both desserts being so delicious, we have to admit, the banana Roti with gulu Melaka and cinnamon was the dessert winner of the evening. We love the buttery texture of Roti and that taste combined with the banana and cinnamon was sensational. This is one dessert we highly recommend.

The counts and their friends really enjoyed their dining experience at KL Kitchen. It's definitely a great choice for your next Malaysian outing. It's open 6 days a week for lunch and dinner and all their menu items are available as take away. If you live in the area, they will even deliver it to your door. We will definitely be back.

The Counts visit to KL Kitchen for Sir and Mlady Dine Out was supported by the Malaysian Kitchen Programme.

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Café 38
38 Denman Parade
Normanhurst, Sydney

Sir and Mlady started the commencement of daylight savings by having a brunch.

We do so love our "brunches", even though we did have to make sure we had our times and clocks right first.

Café 38 is quite deceiving from the outside as we saw a few tables outside and were not quite sure of the table arrangement inside.

When you open the doors you see the counter with all it's delicious assortments of cakes, wraps and croissants and as you turn to your right there is an "upstairs".

We were pleasantly surprised. It is a split level.

This upper area was quite spacious with tables scattered around with ample room.

There were also arm chairs with tables by the window where you can sit and view the world going by.

We arrived early-ish and were fortunate that we did, as we were able to grab a couple of the comfortable arm chairs by the window.

Soon after the place began to fill up quite quickly.

 We had a bottle of tap water on the table not long after we arrived and a menu to peruse.

Sir ordered his usual skim flat white and Mlady had her soy cappuccino which she prefers weak. The coffee here was good.

Mlady is quite partial to fresh juices and chose (from the blackboard) the "Ginger Ninja". It was made up of carrot, apple, beetroot, ginger and mint. An absolute delicious and refreshing juice.

Sir ordered - from the blackboard - the Bacon and egg Roll. Sir really enjoyed this and said that the roll was soft and almost Brioche like.

Mlady had eggs on toast - which she chose as scrambled eggs with roast tomato served with sourdough. She really enjoyed this. The roast tomato was tasty and fresh and combined well.

The staff are very friendly and extremely helpful. Thank you to Christian for chatting with Mlady and also thank you to the waitress (we regret not getting your name) but you had on red and white earrings and you explained that the porridge had been taken off the menu as it was a hot day.

Café 38 are also available for functions.

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The Tilbury Hotel
18 Nicholson St
Wooloomooloo, Sydney

The Tilbury Hotel is in Wooloomooloo and is an "institution". This revamped hotel is a lovely space with a restaurant that seats approximately 70. It is spacious with a long and inviting bar. The bar has tiles which is keeping with it's heritage and these look very effective. It gives the appearance of old world mixed with modern world.

The restaurant is situated behind the bar and is comfortable and relaxed. There are comfy lounges paired with the tables.

The menu is seasonal and produce driven. The Tilbury has high quality food but you can still have steak and chips. It extends to the courtyard which is alfresco and there is function space. You can order at the bar too. The food is high-end gastro pub.

We had a serving of sourdough with oil and balsamic and Himalayan rock salt to start the night off. We both enjoy sourdough and loved dipping it in the oil and balsamic for some added kick. It was a tasty appetiser to begin our meal. The glasses of sparkling French wine from Jean-Claude Lapalu also went well!

We then had an entree which was beautifully served on a platter. We did not know where to start!

 This all had wonderful flavours, textures and combinations that gave it a really WOW factor. It had (clockwise from top left) - a tasty Schezwan beef carpaccio with mango, beef oxo cube, peach and beef jerky; possibly our favourite the miso glazed scallops with turnip, crispy pigs tail and seaweed; a lovely sashimi; smoked salmon with cucumber consomme (in glasses), Hendricks gin, cucumber and herb salad; sauteed wild mushrooms with whipped soft cheese, roasted yeast and hazelnuts; and finally an amazing duck and smoked ham hock terrine with rhubarb and basil. What an impressive and creative selection of dishes from their entree menu and a great way to start our evening!

Mlady had Pork and Fennel sausage, mashed potato, roasted shallot and red wine jus.

This was a hearty dish and a twist on "bangers and mash" which Mlady loves.

Mlady thoroughly enjoyed this dish. It was very tasty with great mash and the roasted shallots went well with it.

Sir who loves a lamb dish had Moroccan spiced lamb neck fillet, cous cous, aubergine and watermelon.

This was beautifully cooked rare and to perfection. It was juicy with great flavours and everything combined so well.

Sir thought that this was a really great dish.

Our wine pairings by resident sommelier Andrew were done to perfection. Ask for this - you won't be disappointed! We had some lovely Pinot's - from Mornington and NZ. Then add some bigger Cabernet Sauvignons and it's perfect. While the wine flight isn't actually on the menu (yet) we have no doubt that Andrew would oblige if asked. He knows his wines.

Already filling up didn't stop us fitting in dessert. We ended up being served a platter with a range of their offerings - and they were great!

While most will simply have to choose from the menu - maybe they would do this for you too if you ask nicely. Itb was a great way to end the meal and the desserts were to die for!

The Tilbury has reinvented itself. It was a lovely hotel to start with, but now it is something special.

The whole experience from drinks, food, decor and service is so well done.

And they're still working on more improvements!

It's hard to imagine it getting better - but we look forward to it!

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of The Tilbury Hotel. Big thanks to Chef James Wallis and Sommelier Andrew - great work! Big thanks also to Lydia for looking after us so well. Special thanks to Gez Beatty for inviting us and arranging everything.

Bar Manager/Sommelier Andrew
Chef James Wallis

Grandfather Port to finish!!!
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