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Monday, 20 October 2014


Petaling Street Malaysian Hawker Food
760 George St
Haymarket, Sydney CBD

Petaling Street Malaysian Hawker Food is a popular place - and this is not surprisingly really as it has very good food in large quantities at very reasonable prices.

It's deceptively big as there's a ground floor level and a lower level too - but you do have to go inside before you see that there's a downstairs section. It stays true to its street food concept and doesn't overdo things in terms of decor and adornments. There's an extensive menu to choose from and with the varieties available it is great for groups.

The servings are huge too - we over ordered quite a bit - and you don't have to wait long for your food either - which works well if you're heading off somewhere else afterwards.

One of the staples of Malaysian food is their nasi goreng which is a tasty combination fried rice dish.

This version was served with egg, sprouts and onion stirred through it together with and plenty of seafood there as well.

You can sometimes just have this dish as a meal on its own or as a side - as we had planned - with other dishes.

We just can't resist roti. It's such a delicious treat with other dishes or even on its own.

The roti kosong here is described in the menu as hand made flaky bread that comes with a side serving of curry sauce.

We love roti so much we even ordered a few extra servings of just the roti. This version was certainly nice and flaky with great buttery flavours and very tasty.

We decided we wanted a combo type of meal and the combination fried crispy noodle sounded good. 

It came with crispy egg noodle served with beef, chicken, prawn, BBQ pork and vegetables in a tangy and tasty sauce. We loved the crunch of the crisp noodles and the wide variety of meats and vegetables that came with this tasty dish.

The hawker hawker style deep fried tofu wasn't something that either of us would normally order but the pictures looked great. Besides, crispy deep fried anything is worth trying isn't it?

This turned out to be a surprisingly good dish - with a lovely crisp tofu outer revealing a soft warm centre inside. As it's a mild dish the dipping sauce that came with it added some tang.

Another Aussie favourite we spotted were the satay chicken skewers.

Again it's a hard to resist dish so we grabbed a serving of six.

They arrived on a bed of sliced cucumber and onion and we were really pleased to see that it had a generous amount of rich peanut satay sauce on top - as it's always terrible when you run out!

The surprise package of the night was the marmite pork spare ribs. Yes it's clearly not traditional - but it was amazing! Marmite is used to create a combination sweet and salty sauce that coats the ribs in a lovely sticky glaze.

On the other hand, the fried koay teow we had is a traditional. This really nice meal was Malaysian hawker style spicy flat rice noodles with pork lard, seafood, beansprouts and Chinese sausage. It was a lovely mix.

While salt and pepper squid isn't a traditional Malaysian dish - it was on the menu here and we'd seen how good it looked when it arrived at another nearby table.

Petaling Street Malaysian Malaysian Hawker Food was great value, with lovely food in really good quantities and arriving quickly. It's well worth visiting.

Sir and Mlady's visit was supported by the Malaysian Kitchen Programme.

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Popping up across Sydney

Ever had a Sundweesh? We hadn't until the other day and didn't know what we'd been missing! It's basically a fresh tasty Middle Eastern bread-wrapped packet of goodness. Started by the lovely and lively Manar, we popped in to try them for the first time at their stall at the Smooth FM Chocolate Festival recently. They were delicious and we're so glad we got to sample them!

There were four varieties of Sundweesh available on the day we went - and we were lucky enough to try them all.Baroness A was with us and she grabbed the special of the day - prawn with slaw and peri mayo. She eagerly devoured it and was suitably impressed with the flavours and quantity! These suckers are filling! Mlady and I shared the three others - kafta with tabouli and hummus, grilled chicken with peri peri slaw and finally falafel with tabouli and hummus. Each had their own distinct flavour combination and they were all excellent. My favourite though, was the juicy kafta version whilst Mlady found it hard to share the grilled chicken Sundweesh.

Sundweesh are appearing much more regularly at festivals and events, but they also cater for corporate functions as well. They're easy to eat (everything wraps up inside the bread), very tasty (with plenty of filling varieties and sauce options) and affordable.

Sir and Mlady (and Baroness A) tried Sundweesh as guests of Sundweesh. Many thanks to Manar for inviting us to try her tasty creations!

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Saturday, 18 October 2014


Mordeo Bistro & Bar
126 Phillip St
Sydney CBD

Mordeo is a large place that sprawls along a very spacious foyer inside the Deutsche Bank building on the corner of Phillip and Hunter Streets in the southern Sydney CBD area.

The place has a modern feel to it and its foyer location makes it very airy and open. You certainly won't feel crowded or claustrophobic here! The outlook is also actually quite pleasant with a large water display in the foyer as a lovely bonus attraction.

Mordeo is well set out with a bar on one side and restaurant on the other.

The menu is Southern European influenced - think Spain, Italy, Greece and France. This creates a great range with something for everyone - even in a fussy group. There are even some traditional recipes - the taramasalata is the owners grandmothers recipe!

Mordeo seats 80 to 90 people very comfortably plus they can handle many more standing in the bar area. They are open five days a week - on weekdays.

We of course started with a few drinks - it had been a busy day! Mlady had an old school French style cocktail made just for her - even though it wasn't on the menu. It's worth remembering that they're happy to create drinks here based on your preferences! I started with a glass of 2012 Bellanda San Fermo prosecco from Veneto in Italy. I do like a nice glass of prosecco! 

We do love our croquettes and the Atlantic salmon croquettes with saffron mayonnaise were a must. It's a slightly different filling to many pl;aces and these beauties tasted great. The seafood and mayonnaise combined nicely and they were crisp and delicious. 

Another starter we eagerly wanted to try was the seared scallops which fortunately can be ordered individually.

The scallops came served with a Spanish onion salsa and individually in spoons.

The salsa was tasty and was enough to add flavour without overpowering the delicate scallops - which were lightly cooked as they should be.

Our next starter was the smoked pork hock terrine.

The terrine came with a fennel and apple salad, fig chutney and grilled brioche.

We don't often find - or order - terrine even though it is something we certainly like. We were glad we had this version though.

This was a lovely terrine that was surprisingly light with all the ingredients working really well together to create a great combination of flavours.

The fruity apple based salad went well with the pork based terrine as well and the sweet brioche made the whole dish extremely substantial. 

A few glasses of red are of course always a necessity at this stage of a meal. Mlady had a nice Pinot Noir and I had a lovely Sardinian red.

We have to confess that whilst we've had a number of squid ink dishes this was the first time we'd tried sauteed squid ink gnocchi.

This was  made fresh with broad beans, truffle salumi and grana padano.

The whole dish looked spectacular.

It was also very flavoursome with everything combining so well to create a lovely dish that was so memorable. 

The slow cooked octopus carpaccio was a very colourful dish.

Think picture postcard kind of picturesque with the bold red and green toppings standing out so vibrantly.

It had a great variety and mix of flavours and textures that combined well.

The octopus was extremely thin and very tender and the whole dish tasted so nice. 
It's hard to visit an Italian restaurant and not have a pizza, isn't it? Whether it's as a starter, a main or even a dessert it just seems to fit so well.

The fungi pizza we tried was made with mushroom and truffle and grana padano.

The earthy truffle flavour clearly cut through the other flavours giving the whole dish a great lift.

We really enjoyed this.

Dessert is a must do at Mordeo. There are any number of great choices - and we had quite a few of them.

We started with the loukoumades - Greek donuts with hazelnut gelato and a honey cinnamon syrup.

These are such a winner, and not just for donut lovers. The sweet syrup went so well with the light donuts and the hazelnut gelato was tasty as well.
The creme Catalana (basically without trying to offend anyone it's the Spanish version of creme brulee) was delicious. It came served with orange zest and a pastry crisp resting across the top. Nothing was overpowering in this dish.

We then had a wonderful wood fire individual pan baked apple tart with vanilla bean gelato. This was cutely and impressively presented and also tasted delicious.

Mordeo Bistro and Bar has a lovely indoor outdoor feel - you're inside yet you feel like you're outside.

Mordeo is a bar and a restaurant and it combines both these important functions very well. It was certainly popular on the night we visited yet everything was moving smoothly. Many seemed to drop in for a drink and a nibble and just stayed on for dinner.

The food is certainly worth staying for! The impressive lighting to the front reminds you of giant lamp shades or even huge fez hats. Either way they look great.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Mordeo. Special thanks to Pascal - the manager there, Mark - their head chef and Vivian who looked after us so well on our visit. Thanks also to Olivia Warne of Pendulum Communications for arranging our visit.

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