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Monday, 2 March 2015


Burnt Orange
1108/1109 Middle Head Rd
Mosman, Sydney

Burnt Orange is as pretty as a picture. It's in such a beautiful location out on the peninsular at Mosman with views across the bushlands and on to the water.

The structure itself is also quite spectacular as well. It's basically a historic building with balconies around most sides where the restaurant/cafe operates, maximising those magnificent views.

The building was erected on Army land in 1920 as the club house for Mosman Golf Club. It was resumed in World War 2 and then converted to Army housing till as recently as 1997.

Further down the track it became Burnt Orange which also has a gift shop and is also available for functions.

Breakfast and brunch trade means you need good coffee - and they do.

In fact Burnt Orange is also a cafe and operates for both morning and afternoon tea - as well as offering high tea.

We started with coffee's which were very tasty. They actually have good range of coffee and a lengthy tea list available including specialty, organic and herbal teas.

We're fast becoming fans of juice with breakfast and brunch. Not instead of coffee - but as well as it. Mlady has been pushing this with Sir for a while and it's finally getting through. There's a good range here that you can mix and match to your own tastes. The options are orange, apple, pineapple, watermelon, carrot, beetroot, with ginger/mint. Mlady chose apple and ginger/mint (she loves anything ginger) and Sir chose apple, carrot, beetroot and mint. They were so fresh and refreshing.

Sir was peckish and chose the diverse Breakfast Board.

It was certainly a large breakfast. The board arrived holding house-smoked trout, grilled halloumi, fresh avocado and soft boiled egg served with two enormous slices of toasted Avoca brown bread.

Where to start! It was a big breakfast but so tasty with a great range of flavours that were delicious.

Mlady decided to have something that sounded a bit lighter so she chose the toasted homemade muesli with sheep's milk yoghurt, fresh berries and Summer fruits.

It was an extremely healthy start to her day but it was such a big serving.

The flavours and colours were brilliant with plenty of variety in both departments. She really loved this dish and devoured it.

Burnt Orange is simply beautiful. It's the perfect place for a romantic or special breakfast, brunch or lunch with great food. The views are amazing too. In fact, they even have high tea on some days too. It's popular so book!

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Burnt Orange. Special thanks to Hugo and Emma for looking after us so well. A big thanks also to Claire McPherson of CPM Online Marketing Solutions for inviting us.

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Saturday, 28 February 2015


Cuckoo Callay Bacon Festival
Shop 324B Newtown Station
Newtown, Sydney

Cuckoo Callay is one of those places that has steadily increased it's mark on the Sydney food scene. Even though its favourites are still on their menu, it is constantly moving forward. Its current Bacon Festival is proof of that! Yes it is all free range of course - in case you were wondering - and it's all from Black Forest Smokehouse.

Fortunately, this piggalicious Bacon Festival which started a couple of weeks ago is here for 12 weeks so you have a good window to get in there and try these tasty treats for yourself!

Owners Ibby and Ella together with their talented Head Chef Andy are constantly enchanting and delighting your taste buds, taking you to new boundaries and occasionally over them to memorable culinary adventures.

Firstly, Cuckoo Callay is a cafe - and so the quality and taste of the coffee is a top priority there.

It's always the first thing we start with - and sometimes we even have a revisit cup before we leave!

Their Single Origin Roasters House Blend always hits the spot for us.

Ever had chocolate coated bacon???? Neither had we - until now that is! Yes we know it sounds kind of weird - but it turned out to be great. Where's you're adventurous spirit? Give it a go and be surprised like we were. The drizzle sticks are made from crunchy Black Forest Smokehouse streaky bourbon bacon drizzled in chocolate and hazelnut. They are unique, weird and delicious all in one!

Then there was the Shake 'n' Bacon drink. Yes - a bacon drink - you're not reading this incorrectly!! This shake is made with maple bacon that gave it a subtle infusion then some of the crispy bits were crumbled on top. Again a surprise and a winner.

The surprises continued with a bacon jam to spread on our toast.

Described as Jammin' Bacon - it was sourdough toast served with homemade bourbon and bacon jam.

Again the bacon didn't overpower everything, but it was still there of course. We hadn't had bacon jam before (maybe they invented it for all we know) but it was certainly worth trying.

Next up was the again uniquely named "What a Croque of Bacon".

If you love croquettes like we do it's a must order dish. This was bacon, basil and vintage cheddar croquettes served with bourbon bacon, pea puree and two poached eggs.

It was a sea of colour and flavour all on one plate. The egg yolks when cut open drizzled golden across the plate. Oh yummo!

Our final dish - and we wished we had space for more - was the Austin Powers themed "Bacon, get in ma belly".

This was crispy pork belly with sticky sweet chilli and fennel seed sauce with bacon, caper, coriander and lime salad.

Again, it was packed with flavour and colour and we just kept nibbling away even though we were stuffed - it was that kind of dish.

Cuckoo Callay is a favourite of ours.

It offers exciting and interesting dishes that always seem to take your palate to new places that are worth visiting.

Their current Bacon Festival is no different. It's a creative culinary journey that you will remember fondly. As it runs for 12 weeks there's also plenty of opportunity to try plenty of the menu choices.

The main challenge here is not to limit yourself. Be brave, bold and adventurous like their menu, and you will be rewarded.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Cuckoo Callay and owners Ibby and Ella. Special thanks to Ibby, Ella and Andy for spending time with us and sharing their food, drinks and passion. A big thank you also to the good people at Wasamedia and to Vanessa Gregory there for arranging our visit.

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Chinta Ria Mood For Love
Level 6, Shop 6009
Westfield Sydney

Chinta Ria is something of an institution in Sydney. Until recently they also had a great place at Cockle Bay too, but now they've rationalised in the CBD and expanded elsewhere.
Chinta Ria Mood For Love is indeed dark, sultry and almost mysterious inside. However outside (which is of course still inside Westfield) they have seating and tables that are much more bright and open. The choice is yours!

The menu is very extensive, so settle down and be prepared to spend a bit of time going through it. Alternatively, you may already have some Malaysian favourites - and the odds are that they will be available here.

 Entrees at the Malaysian restaurants we're visiting these days are something of a highlight. The variety on offer is sometimes quite varied and always interesting.

Here at Chinta Ria Mood For Love we spotted the Cissy Scallops on the menu and immediately added them to our order.

The Cissy Scallops were simply described as steamed half shell scallops with chilli sauce.

We both love scallops but the thought of them steamed and in chilli sauce was droolworthy.

They turned out to be as good as we had hoped. The scallops were very lightly steamed and the sauce had a kick that went well but lingered too!
Next starter was Lip Stick. They sounded great - crunchy vegetables tossed in subtle seasonings, wrapped in a fine pastry and snap fried. Basically they were plump, tasty vegetable spring rolls that were nicely done.

One of our favourites was next, Billies Roll. Its a type of prawn spring roll yet that understates it. They are made from plump prawns stuffed with minced prawns, herbs and vegetables sealed in a fine pastry and snap fried. We loved them. Pastry and prawns - a winner!

Mains were soon ready and we started with Mr Blues aka Ayam Blues. It's a tangy, sweet and sourish dish of lightly battered chicken fillets, wok tossed in a subtle tangy mayonnaise coating infused with lemon juice and tomato sauce. Unusual and actually very nice.

We also grabbed some Lemak rice - an aromatic coconut rice which we always enjoy. Of course we had the famous Chinta Ria plain roti - one of the best in Sydney - so it was of course a double serve!

Our final main course was the intriguingly named Duck Secret.

It was braised duck with preserved vegetables in mixed herbs and tamarind infused broth. It was a kind of meaty duck soup - reminding us of the Marx Brothers movie.

There was no shortage of duck meat in the dish and the mix of vegetables and herbs again gave this a kind of tasty bitter/sweet flavour.

Chinta Ria Mood For Love is a pretty place. It's romantic inside and more open and outdoorish in the outer area of Westfield.

The food though is the drawcard. We have always liked what they offer and this visit lived up to our expectations.

Sir and Mlady's visit was supported by the Malaysian Kitchen Programme.

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